Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inner Beauty Spotlight #6: Donna Land

      Being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs a woman can have. Even more challenging is being the mother of 130 college kids. Donna Land, House Director and House “Mom” of Alpha Tau Omega has done exactly that.

      Donna has been a significant part of the ATO experience. This experience shapes theses young men’s college careers and will have a lasting effect on their entire life. Donna understands this and makes a significant effort to ensure every brother leaves college with a positive experience. Her effort begins with the pledge process and continues up until graduation.

      During the pledge process, Donna attends the weekly meetings to offer advice such as etiquette. Although some of these manners are obscure, they are incredibly useful in living the gentlemanly principles upon which the fraternity was founded. In addition to her advice during pledging, Donna continues to be a valuable source of advice once initiated. Her array of life experiences make her a unique source for advisement.

      A small example of her thoughtfulness and kindness is her approach to Gator game days. Game Days are a joyous occasion at Alpha Tau Omega where they enjoy entertaining all active brothers, recent alumni, older alumni, and sorority girls. To make this day special Donna spends her time setting up the dining room for the quests with orange and blue tablecloths, napkins, and even breath mints! She also pays special attention to each of the guests by engaging in conversations.

      Overall, Donna is a dedicated house director. Additionally, and more importantly, she’s a delightful individual. “When thinking back on all of our interactions, there was not once when she wasn’t smiling,” Stewart Sedgewick said.

      Even though she deals with irrational and wild college kids everyday, she genuinely views each of the brothers as one of her sons, providing each with the same motherly attention. Her inner beauty is contagious. You can see it in her smile, in her words and her actions.
      LAE Beauty will be rewarding Donna with a $20 gift certificate under her name to go towards a service of her choice.

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