Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inner Beauty Spotlight #5: Hello Perfect

            The media has forced unrealistic pressure of perfection onto society. Because of this, many people struggle with confidence issues throughout their lives, including Hello Perfect’s founder and PR Director. “Hello Perfect was founded to help others realize their own perfection and use their self love to accomplish their dreams."

            The company has gotten tons of positive feedback since their foundation. Their target audience relates to females between the ages of 13 to 17, but their message is seen as universal.Hello Perfect uses a variety of mediums such as: Facebook, Twitter, their website, YouTube, and merchandise to reach their audience. Their main message is that “The challenge in life is not to become perfect, it’s accepting that you already are.” The founders of Hello Perfect believe that everyone has the potential to accomplish their dreams.
            One definition of perfect that Angela Ribbler, Director of Public Relations for Hello Perfect, found most inspiring is from Michael Kors. As a high status celebrity and fashion icon, his definition read, “…Perfect is imperfect.”

            Hello Perfect is running a campaign, which includes a DreamCatcher of the month. These individuals are people who are actively working towards accomplishing their goals. Hello Perfect features one a month to promote their passion and inspire others as well. “We have a variety of DreamCatchers, from future filmmakers, to fashion magazine editors, to photojournalists, and each has had a different journey and different inspirational message to share.”
            The company also sells merchandise. The jewelry is designed by their founder, Alexa Carlin. Her manufactured necklaces and bracelets are called “OmniPeace by Alexa Rose." The profits from this line of jewelry go towards helping the OmniPeace mission of ending poverty in Africa by 2025. The also sell DreamCatcher V-neck T-shirts.
            Those of us behind Beauty Is found Hello Perfect similar and inspiring. Our campaign is about reaching out to people to realize and embrace their inner beauty through selfless acts of kindness. Hello Perfect reaches the same message in a different light. Both of our campaigns are about viewing yourself as already beautiful, and already perfect. Which is why we feel honored featuring their cause and dedication to their work. Both the founder, Alexa, and Director of Public Relations, Angela, will receive a $20 gift certificate at LAE for their work spreading an important message to the community. 


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